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FASHODA - 4 Mar 2018

Rebels say army attacked them in Fashoda

A rebel group loyal to the main opposition led by the country’s former first vice president Riek Machar on Sunday accused government troops of attacking their base at Hafir Wad-Akuk in Fashoda County in Upper Nile on Friday.

Moses Akiech Kur, a spokesman for the rebels in Fashoda State, told Radio Tamazuj that army forces had attacked a rebel base at Hafir Wad Akuk, but they were repulsed.

Moses Akiech said eight government troops were killed in the fighting. He pointed out that the government forces had come from Kodok area and the fighting continued for several hours.

However, he said the security situation returned to normal after clashes. “No casualties among civilians because the attack was on SPLM-IO barracks,” he said.

The rebel official said his group has only been fighting a defensive war.” I want to tell the international community that we have been patient despite provocations by the government. We will be fighting back in self-defense,” he said.

The army spokesman in the capital, Juba, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.